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Positioning Your Product for the Holidays Using Press Releases

Positioning Your Product for the Holidays Using Press Releases

When advertising for the holiday season, consider that advertising rates are usually at their peak in the fourth quarter. Distributing a press release can be a low cost alternative to the high cost of traditional advertising.

The media crave newsworthy stories every day and their appetite for holiday themed items is seemingly unquenchable. You, your company, and your product can easily fill that media void.

Try distributing a press release with a little sprinkling of holiday magic.

  • Does your company contribute to a holiday charity? A charity contribution is your company's opportunity to help a needy cause, as well as to obtain a tax break and create a great basis for a holiday press release.
  • Do you have unique decorating ideas for the holidays using your products? By all means let everyone know. Hold a festive event showcasing your product. Be sure to send out a press release to announce the upcoming event and another one to re-cap the highlights of it afterwards.
  • Can your product add a twist to the usual holiday party? Create new and exciting recipes using your product. Perhaps your product could spice up the invitations, the entertainment, or be a great hostess gift.
  • Does your company hold an annual holiday contest? Even something as simple as a children’s coloring contest is a reason to send out a press release.
  • Can’t think of anything to get that person who has everything? Worried about getting that perfect present? Maybe you’re not alone. Do you offer the best “last minute gift” or the best “gift under 20 dollars?” Don’t pass up on an opportunity to get the word out.
  • Can your product or service help manage the stresses of the holiday season? Can your product help rid a tired shopper of holiday strain? Think about the problems you can solve for your customers during the holidays.
  • Did a celebrity stop by your store recently? Book signings, demonstrations, or even a visit from Old St. Nick can prove newsworthy.

When deciding on a theme for your press release, think like the media. Is the information useful? Newsworthy? Of interest to their audience? Or is it merely an advertisement for your product? During this time of year you have to constantly work to keep your name in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Think creatively and be persistent. You never know what the media will pick up on next.

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The DNA of Brand

The uniqueness of a store brand stems for a large part from its identity. That is the fountainhead from which retail organization can operate and profile itself. This fits in with the views off Dr. Klaus Brandmeyer, who has written an extensive treatise on the genetic code of brand. The DNA of a brand is the basis of a company’s success. Managements come and go, but the brand will always be there. A management has only temporary control over the course a company must steer and the way in which the brand must be presented in the market. All too often a new management will want to put its stamp on the company, making decisions on the basis of ‘doing things differently’ instead of in the basis of the brand identity. The result is that ‘unnatural’ steps are taken at the cost of the DNA..

With some companies, and often with family business, the founder of the company is also the brand owner. Now, this could easily result in a very limited and rigid identity.
Although brand identity is guiding factor, that in itself not enough reason to preserve the brand preservation simply results in the brand being put on the shelf to gather dust , until at a certain point the use-by date is passed. Renewal and innovation are vitally important for a brand in these fast-changing times, but success will only follow when the identity is at the foundation of the new steps to be taken.

Retail Branding – Michel Van Tongeren.

Poppy Selviani Gusriharso

Destination Branding

Destination Branding

Destination Branding merupakan sebuah konsep sebuah daerah tujuan (destination), bisa itu Negara maupun daerah. Namun kebanyakan, konsep ini digunakan untuk tujuan industri pariwisata. Di Indonesia contohnya adalah: Visit Musi, Yogya, Never ending Asia dll. Sebagian besar program destination branding yang dilakukan hanya menyentuh bagian dasar dari branding, seperti pengembangan nama dan logo, dilanjutkan dengan iklan besar-besaran. Padahal, banyak faktor lain yang berhubungan dan menentukan keberhasilan dari destination branding yang selama in kerap terabaikan. Terutama faktor infrastruktur yang secara tidak langsung mempengaruhi keberhasilan program ini. Seperti jalan yang masih rusak, transportasi umum, kemudahan mencari penginapan dan berbagai hal terkait lainnya.

Mengapa Branding diperlukan?

Kotler et al (2003) mengungkapkan bahwa branding dalam industri pariwisata sebagai cara mudah bagi konsumen dalam melakukan identifikasi, membangun persepsi dan values, menetapkan kualitas dan standar yang mudah dikelola, menigkatkan permintaan terhadap produk lokal yang secara tidak langsung akan berdampak terhadap ekonomi masyarakat sekitar dan meningkatkan skala ekonomis.

Destination brand dibangun dengan menciptakan values daerah tujuan tersebut melalui serangkaian brand image untuk mengidentifikasi asosiasi yang paling relevan dan terhubung satu sama lain serta saling memperkuat brand itu sendiri.

Ooi (2004) mengungkapkan 4 fungsi dari destination branding: Membentuk persepsi public terhadap tempat tersebut; mengemas tempat tersebut secara selektif dan estetik membuat daerah atau tempat tujuan tersebut berdiri tegak di tengah persaingan pasar pariwisata global sehingga dapat bersaing dengan yang lain dan membentuk pengalaman pariwisata.

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